Jeez, why is dad so sour today?? He always puts on an attitude around Popo and Gung Gung. It’s like an, “I’m a professional and I know what I’m doing, oh you don’t know what anything is mom/dad let me correct you with an defensive and annoyed tone.” Every. Single. Week. He acts like this and it’s so dumb and hurtful! He always acts like he’s smart and it’s so weird because he acts so cocky and ends up being really mean. Then after his spiel of being mean and cocky everything seems to make him mad then he gets so agitated at everyone. It’s like how mom acts clueless or “curious” around other people, and let me tell you, that’s also INSANELY ANNOYING!! I guess that’s literally describing the difference between the genders right there. Men, stupid and so cocky to prove that they are always right, women, act dumb to somehow act endearing. Honestly though, I am a genius for being so aware of this right now! I wouldn’t have done it without my idiotic, sterotipical gender based parents. Man, they are so old school if you think about it, like back then men were always the dominant ones and women shrank back and were supposed to have polite mannerisms. Now women are obviously making a comeback to being the more dominant gender. But back to my point, DAD IS AN IDIOT WHO HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH CONSTANTLY BEING RIGHT AND GETTING ANGRY OR AGITATED WHEN OTHERS TRY TO SAY SOMETHING OTHERWISE!!!! Ok right there it sounds like I’m the one with the anger issues, but I assure you that it’s him. Also my mother is a full-blown idiot who acts a certain way around people as well, she just wants to act sweet but it’s not, it really isn’t. I am not ok, to be frank. I guess Ashley and I are both problematic, but I don’t believe that Ashley has a problem, I believe that she just has a different mindset and is heavily influenced by the media. That’s also a problem with young people these days, we are too impressionable and maybe a bit too influenced by media (which can be a good and a bad thing). You know, Ashley also has a different persona around others too, she acts shy and does that stupid giggle around people. She also acts really childish around Gung Gung and Popo, she also makes a stupid face when she sees like people we know (you know what I’m talking about, that “shy” face where her eyebrows are “worried” and she tilts her chin down but looks up… Ugghh I hate when Ashley acts up around people). Do I act up around people? I probably do, and it annoys me too, I’m sure I have a problem with being accepted and liked among people and that’s the reason for acting differently…. But at least I have a problem/reason! Mom and Dad are just literally brain dead and unaware of their actions, and Ashley is just too over-influenced by media (she acts so Tumblr is you think about it, maybe? I don’t know, but she’s definitely not the sister I used to have). I’m glad I’m making a point to write this stuff down because this will come in handy for explaining later.


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