Welcome to my blog! I am one of many youth struggling with high school, most of which I keep to myself and write down for later examination. I have pretty bad spelling (thank you autocorrect!) and my grammar might not be great, but I am absolutely 100% in love with writing. I take ballet classes 4x a week and dance is my escape from some of my struggles (even though a lot of insecurities are caused by ballet). I love to dance and ballet is definitely a sport if you think otherwise, we can’t be good friends 🙂

Music is beautiful and I listen to different kinds of music all the time (at the moment I am listening to soundtracks from the ballets “Swan Lake” and “La Bayadere”) and YouTube is now an unhealthy necessity.

I will write down some stuff happening in my life on this blog to release tension and whatnot. Enjoy my blog and I hope some of this stuff is relatable :/